Servicing the Aerospace, Commercial and Medical industries from Milford, Connecticut.


Computer-aided Design and Computer-assisted Machining (CAD/CAM) is our specialty. Together with our large and well-established supplier base here in New England, we can bring your ideas to life from prototype to production.

We also have a large inventory of Sikorsky aircraft spares available for immediate purchase. Contact us to see what's on our storeroom shelves.




Quality Policy

Richard Manufacturing Co., Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with on-time deliveries while maintaining a high standard of product quality and customer responsiveness.

Richard Manufacturing Co., Inc. will identify through planning, the training and verification needed in our production process to prevent non-conforming products.

Richard Manufacturing Co., Inc. will focus on maintaining and improving our quality management system to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction. We believe these improvements will lead to the continued success and growth of the customer, and our company.

Lean Manufacturing Philosophy

We believe that quality should come from the manufacturing source. We have a 6S policy in place, we hold Kaizen events and we encourage our employees to maintain the mindset of continual improvements.  Combined with just-in-time manufacturing, we're committed to eliminating waste from every possible angle.

DRC Conflict Mineral-Free Supply Chain

In 2010, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act. Section 1502 concerns the exploitation and trade of "conflict minerals" by armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Profits from this trade are helping to finance the conflict in that region, which has resulted in a humanitarian crisis.

Richard Manufacturing wasn't required by the Dodd-Frank Act to disclose any use of conflict minerals, but we audited our suppliers anyway. We are happy to report that we determined that our supply chain is not contributing to the violence in the DRC.

Founded by Neil and Rita Richard in 1965, Richard Manufacturing has grown from a garage job shop to become one of the top 100 suppliers to Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.


In the 1970s, the aviation industry became the company’s main focus. Richard Manufacturing Company is an AS9100 registered company servicing Sikorsky Aircraft, GKN Westland, Vought Aircraft, US military and over fifty other customers.

Over the past fifty years, the company’s facility has increased in size to the current 26,000 square feet and has branched out to service the commercial and medical markets. The company's quality-focused skill set is an asset to our commercial customers, ensuring they receive the highest level of compliance and satisfaction, from prototype to production.

Richard Manufacturing Company is committed to supporting our customers through on time deliveries and customer responsiveness while maintaining the highest standard of product quality. We are dedicated to our never ending focus on maintaining and continually improving our quality management system to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.



Kitamura Mycenter 0 Machining Center
8,000 RPM Spindle
3-1/2 Axis 12” x 12” x 12”

Kitamura Mycenter 1B Machining Center
15,000 RPM Spindle
3-1/2 Axis 18” x 12” x 13”

Kitamura Mycenter 2 Machining Center
3-1/2 Axis 19” x 12” x 14”

Kitamura Mycenter 3 Machining Center
4 Axis 20” x 20” x 16”

Kitamura Mycenter 4 Machining Center
4 Axis 40” x 20” x 20” Serial # 21309

Hardinge Bridgeport GX 1000 Machining Center
4 Axis 40” x 20” x 24”

Hardinge Bridgeport GX 1000 Machining Center
4 Axis 40” x 20” x 24”

Fadal VMC 15 Machining Center
4 Axis 20” x 20” x 16”

Fadal VMC 30 Machining Center
3-1/2 Axis 30” x 20” x 16”

Fadal VMC 15 Machining Center
4 Axis 20” x 20” x 15”


Hardinge Quest 1065
4 Axis Mill-Turn X,Y,Z,&C AXIS 20.44” swing 24” Turning length, 2-1/2” bar capacity

Hardinge RS-51MY
4 Axis Mill-Turn X,Y,Z,& C AXIS 20.44” swing 24” Turning length 2” bar capacity

Hardinge RS-51MSY Sub spindle
6 Axis Mill-Turn X,Y,Z,C,C2 & B AXIS 20.44” swing 24” Turning length 2” bar capacity

Super Kia-Turn 21LMS
Twin Spindle 4 Axis Mill-Turn 2-1/2” bar capacity

Super Kia-Turn 28L
18” Swing X 40” Between Centers 2-1/2” bar capacity

Okuma Howa ACT 35M
3 Axis X,Z,C,Mill-Turn
12” Swing X 20” Between Centers.
20 HP 3” bar capacity

Wasino LJ-10-MC
3 Axis X,Z,C Mill-Turn
3” Thru Spindle X 18” Swing X 40” Between Centers 3” bar capacity

Okuma Howa ACT 20 Turning Center
16” Swing X 16” Between Centers

Two Hardinge CNC Conquest 42 Turning Centers
18" swing, 13" between centers
Harmatix auto-bar feeders



Five Bridgeport Manual Milling Machines

Cincinnati # 2 horizontal Milling Machine


Four Hardinge Precision Turret Lathes

Toz Engine Lathe
16” Swing X 60” Between Centers

Clausing Engine Lathe
13” Swing X 36” Between Centers


Sunnen 1802 Honing Machine
Up to 6” Capacity

Excell Surface Grinder
6” X 12”

Ger RA2-N Cylindrical Grinder
16” X 12”

Cincinnati Automatic Cylindrical Grinder
30” X 12”


Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Crysta-Apex series CRT-A707

Clark model MDT8 Rockwell hardness tester

Nortec NDT-5A conductivity tester


Bauer ydraulic Test Cart
1,000 PSI, 15 gallons/minute


MakerBot Replicator 2X
Dual-extruder ABS printer

Plasma Cutter

482 PlasmaCAM


Mastercam X9

Catia v-5

Solid Works


Doall C-5A Automatic Drop Saw
14” Capacity

Daito SA360B Automatic Drop Saw
14” Capacity

Doall Band Saw
27” Throat

Toyota Tow-Motor/Lift Truck
3,000 Lb. Capacity

Part Marking

Lectroetch model V-10A electrochemical marking

TechnoMark Multi 4 120 dot peen machine with chuck

SIC e6 c151 Data Matrix (UID) capable dot peen machine

Microscan UID verifier


Tom Callahan
Quality Assurance Manager


Machinists and programmers

Carlos Gonzalez
Milling Dept. Manager, Machinist & MasterCam Programmer

Wes Nachtygal
Machinist & Programmer

Brian Ashcroft
Machinist & Programmer

Dan Steponavich
Machinist & Programmer

Steve Donofrio
Machinist & Programmer

Bill Martovich
Lathe Dept. Manager, Machinist & Programmer

Brad Olson
Machinist & Programmer

Jeremy Hagan
Machinist & Programmer

Tony Vazquez
Assembly Dept. & Machinist




Inspection, Office, Shipping, Part Marking and Maintenance staff

Donna Ray

Tracy Grant
Contract Administrator

Mike Cowan
Contract Reviewer

Alyce Lorusso
Purchasing Agent (Processes)

Fred Ashcroft
Delivery Driver, Maintenance


Ken Hagan
Flight Safety Inspector

Pat Satta
Flight Safety Inspector

Janusz Radzyminski

Joe Ruotolo
Inspector, Purchasing Agent (raw material) & Calibration Tech

Nichole Steponavich

Judi Ream
Part-marking Technician