Supplier Spotlights

Tygor Labs

Tygor Labs is a family-owned and run, NADCAP accredited non-destructive testing laboratory in Milford, CT. We're practically neighbors, which is super convenient. They've got approvals from a large list of OEMs, including critical and flight safety approvals. 

Tygor Labs has earned themselves a top spot on our favorite suppliers list. Brothers Gregg and Ty are really easy going, and extremely conscientious. Their certs are correct the first time, they know how to count a lot better than I do and my parts are always properly cleaned and packaged upon return. It's the little things that matter sometimes, you know?

We were their first customer way back in 1986 when Bob and Sue first set up shop, and we've used them ever since. So I figured it was about time we show them some gratitude. Thanks guys!